A video by four British climbers in January 2008.
Ein Video von 4 Britischen Iceclimbers im January 2008

The Icelandic Alpine Club is a group of people with interest in mountaineering. Most of their information are in icelandic but here you can find information in english

Jökull Bergmann, Bergmann Mountain Guides are Iceland´s only certified guides and specialize in ice climbing. Please have a visit to his website

We have many great friends among climbers around the world.

Hermann Erber is a famous photographer and one of our good friends who came to us with Albert Leichtfried and Markus Bendler. Here you can have a look at Hermann´s website.

Michael Rinn is one of our friends and you are welcome to contact him if you need further information about iceclimbing on Iceland, especially in Kaldakinn
Phonenumber: +49-641-97190145 and his website is (german/english)

Rainer Eder is a great photographer and he came to Kaldakinn with Ines Papert and Audrey Gariepy
Have a look at his website and see this amazing photos

Knowledge sites;

Albert Leichtfried´s Page

Neil Gresham´s Page

Ines Papert´s Blog

Ian Parnell´s Blog

Rosie Goolden Page

Louise Kennedy’s Blog