Media Coverage

On the website is a article by Mario Sertori about his visit to Icebjorg. The article is both in english and italian

In the famous magazine Alpinist you can read this article about Ines and Audrey visit to Iceland.

A video by four British climbers in January 2008.

We have had many great visitors coming to Ísbjörg in Kaldakinn last few years.

Among others

Albert Leichfried, Markur Bendler and Hermann Erber

Ines Papert, Audrey Gariepy and Rainer Eder

Ramon Marin, Neil Greham, Ian Parnell,  Alistair Lee and Sandy Ogilvie

Francesca  Marcelli, Mario Sertori, Stefano Plano and Tuillio Parravicini

James Amidon, Julie Ramsay, Mitcelle Moore and Brian Dolt

Michael Rinn, Valdimar Runnell, Gunter Donges  and  Marco Hardiman

Calle Spång, Christofer Urby and Morgan Eriksson

Skarphéðinn (Skabbi) Halldórsson, Sveinn Sveinsson, Björgvin Hilmarsson og Haraldur Guðmundsson

have been our visitors.