Quotes from climbers

In January 2011, Shelia & Morgan Zentler wrote to us;

“Oh, the great „City of Björg“! This has been an expierence of lifetime. We could not have imagined a more special place with such special people. Thank You so much for the friendship, hospitality and love. This is a magic place where the ice climbing is something out of a dream. The weather a fantastic game of poker, the milk, the sheep, the lamb, the Black Bread, the trout, the smoked meats (…)”

“We´ll be back, we look forward to being Björg´s newest Embassy in Seattle.
Thank You Hloðver, Kony, Railis, Aya, Alekss, we hold you in our hearts!”

In February  2009, Neil Gresham wrote to us;

“The sea cliffs of Isbjorg in Iceland provide one of the most dramatic settings for ice climbing I have ever experienced. This is a beautiful, desolate and unspoilt part of the world, with perfect ice lines in abundance. The coolest part is walking along the beach to get to the routes and then climbing with the waves crashing below you!
Isbjorg is surely the perfect sanctuary for anyone who has become tired of battling with the queues in the Alps. If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable ice climbing experience then this is the place to go”

“Our host, Petur and his family made us feel extremely welcome during our stay at Isbjorg. The guest house is warm and very comfortable, with all the facilities you need and plenty of space.
It is the perfect hideaway for ice climbers!”

Quotes from Mario  Sertori and Francesca Marcelli:

“Imagine a 5 kilometers cliff covered of ice, a dark sand beach, brushed by the waves of the Arctic, over hanged by the most aesthetic ice-wall I’ve never seen: this is Kaldakinn. We climbed magnificent pillars on backgrounds geometrically perfects, where the lines of the horizons cross at 90 degrees. Excited sea-gulls fly around and incited us to climb, happy to see around a movement different that the waves. We are experimented the strange sensation of the Arctic sea under our feet’s, in whirling winds, a mix of fear and euphoria. This is Iceland, a landscape of the dawn of the world, fire and ice, whiteness and hell, silence and rumble. Maybe Jules Verne was right; to set on this country the entering of the center of the earth.”

“Thanks to our wonderful hosts Konny and Peter! They provided us a perfect, warm and large accommodation including all the facilities that climbers need. The meal made by Konny were tasty and unforgettable, the Land Rover of Peter was decisive in uneasy driving situations. Last but not least, our hosts gave us the privilege to talk about history and stories of the area, so our stay in their farm was not only a fabulous climbing experience, but a full immersion in an extraordinary, fascinating site”

Michael Rinn from Germany wrote to us in February 2009:

“I´m still thinking of the great time we´ve got in Iceland, specially on your farm Björg. We´ve met many nice people, had the time to talk and discuss interesting issues, learned about Iceland, laughed together and have good time. We are vry thankful for this intense expererience”